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Garden Accessories

Welcome to “All Things Gardening”, your one-stop shop for the best in Garden accessories, health, and wellbeing in the UK!

My aim is to provide you with a number of useful articles, guides, product reviews and recommendations to help you with you with all your gardening needs. How to prune your fruit trees, which are the best secateurs for the job and where you can buy them. We hope each garden product will not also be valuable to you, but we will show you when and where to use it in your garden, patio or other outdoor space.

Health and Wellbeing

But… I want to make this site a little bit different! I want us to view gardening and being outside as a holistic approach to happiness, health, and well-being. I know this is a little left of center but first have a quick look at this article I wrote about Biohipila, described by E.O. Wilson as “an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.” This article about Green Exercise might also interest you as well as this paper by “The King’s Fund“. It’s not just my idea, there is lots of research in the field which I will bring to you. I also want to explore growing your own food on a small scale, getting your children involved for their wellbeing, and even some fun and healthy outdoor food ideas as well as exploring gut health (please read “Gut-brain Axis“) and its effects on wellbeing. This might seem like a lot of subjects to cover in one site, but they are all perfectly linked, simple and doable.

Garden Accessories
(I love deep garden borders, full of colour)

Garden Accessories

I have built a large amount of knowledge with my own gardening trials, reading gardening websites, watching and listening to others – the best way to learn!

The accessories, from garden sheds to wellie boots, patio jointing mortar to BBQ’s will each be covered in great depth and detail. I am evening planning on going to some of the best garden product distributors in the UK to get the information straight from the gardener’s mouth.

As well as accessories for your garden I would like to bring you some ideas for seeds and plants you could try as well. I love bringing my own seeds on in a small plastic greenhouse and my friends 70 foot polytunnel. I will bring you some video footage showing how I get on and how to get some cheap plants to enjoy in your garden.

Common Garden Designs

Here in the UK we are becoming more and more confident with landscape and garden design. Blending many styles into different areas to make a verity of different spaces, but following some basic rules all in one garden. Long gone is a patio, an old leggy geranium and a square of grass, clipped neatly and edged to perfection.

We play with garden types and rightly use the sun, soil, drainage and hard landscaping to create different types of garden areas while telling a story by theaming, creating harmony and links from one space to the other.

For example, you have a contemporary patio space, grey minimal patio furniture, with a hint of Mediterranean planting and the odd hot colour. Your lawn is almost perfect apart from the 2-yard wide meadow planted down one side. A deep herbaceous border planted in a south facing bed and the shade littered with ferns and digitalis. To tie the garden you might carry the hot reds from the patio into all other areas and repeat the same flower in clumps throughout the garden in other places they will grow. The digitalis might show at the back of the meadow area along the fence or through the herbaceous border as well.

It’s important to play and enjoy your garden, but also to adapt your ideas to how your plants perform. It has caused me much frustration (and wasted money) over the years trying to grow a plant in the wrong location and watching it just survive and never thrive… Have the confidence to lift it and re-position it in a new location, suited to what it requires – it will thank you for it!

Common Garden Accessories

The Greenhouse – If you have space a good quality greenhouse is a must. It will allow you to grow amazing tomatoes, a grapevine or provide you a space to bring on tender seedlings. Good ventilation is essential, possibly a heater to ward away winter frost. Some capillary matting on benches to assist your watering.  Maybe some shade from the hot summer sun. If you cannot afford a full glasshouse, then a small walk-in or 4 shelf greenhouse might suit you better.

Digging Tools – A sharp spade and strong fork is essential if you intend to work larger areas of soil to improve its structure with organic material or other soil improvers. Maybe an electric cultivator would be useful as well, especially if you have a large vegetable growing space. A hoe of any design is amazing for quickly loosening weeds, that grow between your plants. Hoeing saves hours if kept on top of. Small hand tools like dibbers, forks, and trowels are good for smaller beds, pots, and containers.

Cutting Tools – Every gardener needs a good blade for cutting string, stems and even opening bags of compost. A reliable knife should be in your pocket every time you go into your garden. A good, strong pair of bypass secateurs is also essential and the more cutting you do, the more you should spend for good steel that holds an edge and design to fit well in the hand. A pruning saw is useful for cutting larger brown wood, a lopper for higher branches and maybe a bow saw for thick limbs. Mechanical hedge trimmers are fantastic for large areas of a hedge but for a tighter, neater, cut and shape a set of hedge sheers would be ideal. Lawn edgers, chain saws, grass trimmers and even lawn mowers, the list goes on. The size of your garden and the planting style will dictate the types and quality of cutting tools you need.

Brushes & Other Garden Accessories – Where would we be without a few brushes. A good yard brush is essential for getting rid of grass and hedge trimmings as well as clearing up after a few hours of potting on. A dustpan and brush will often be needed to finish up the sweeping and cleaning down your gardening accessories. Strong bags for carrying the cuttings to the dump, a kneeler pad to save your knees while weeding, sturdy gardening gloves, bulb planters, sprays, and stands! There are thousands of products you can buy to help you maintain your outdoor space.