5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

5L Pump Action Pressure SprayerThe 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer is a powerful bit of kit and it’s designed for spraying liquid insecticide, herbicides, pesticides, household chemicals and any other general spraying tasks. It has a long, adaptable lance that features an adjustable nozzle for definite application of the chemicals; this ensures that the users get only the best results after applying. It has a reseviour which is filled with fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, water-soluble fertilizers and even pure water. Once the liquid inside the container has reached the 5litre level mark, the container’s handle is pumped to create pressure inside the container.

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Design and Features of the 5L Pump-Action-Pressure Sprayer.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap to enable you carry it comfortably and easily while moving around when spraying your garden. Its container is capable of holding a maximum of 5Litres of water, thus it can be filled once and used to spray a lot of plants before it requires re-filling.

This pressure sprayer can be applied when you are spraying some cleaning detergents and solvent-free preservative treatments. It also has a long-reach lance which is very useful to access hard-to-reach areas when spraying. An adjustable nozzle with various spray options to choose from like mist, jet or spray. The trigger has a locking feature and this enables the user to spray continuously without constantly pressing the trigger.

The container has a pressure release safety-valve which is used to release the excess pressure present in the container after you have finished spraying, or you want to add more chemical, liquid or detergent in the 5L container.

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Performance of 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer.

Garden SprayIt’s very simple to handle and put together. Once you have assembled the parts as required, add liquid inside the 5 litre container and ensure the lid is tightly closed. Before you start using it, confirm once more if the lid is tightly closed. If the lid is not closed very tightly air pressure or water may seep out and this will cause the pressure sprayer to not work.

To add pressure (pressure is required for spray flow through the nozzle) inside the container, the pump handle is pushed down and with each downward push pressure inside the canister/ container increases. Once you’ve pumped pressure in the container till it can no longer be pumped (once the canister/ container is filled with pressure, pushing the pump handle becomes hard) gently twist the pump handle in anti-clockwise direction so you can lock it. Once you have completed doing this, you’re ready to start using this pressure sprayer.

To carry this pressure sprayer comfortably, a shoulder strap is available to enable you put it on your back and it never feels too heavy when carrying even if it’s full. After you have filled the container with the liquid you’ll be spraying and you’ve pumped enough pressure in the container; you are guaranteed to continuously use this equipment to spray for long periods before refilling it and you can cover a large area. This is because the 5L Pump-Action-pressure sprayer has a slow spraying flow-rate and the liquid container has a large capacity (5Litres), therefore you’ll save a lot of time because you won’t be frequently stopping to refill the container with chemicals unless topping up the pressure.

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Pros of 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer.

  • It’s very simple to handle and fit together this equipment. It comes with easy to read manual and the different parts of this pressure sprayer don’t require technical know how to assemble and install.
  • Its light and easy to carry. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which enables the user to adjust it so that it perfectly fits on the back when carried and doesn’t move from side to side when walking.
  • It can be used to spray a wide area.
  • It works perfectly and worth the value for your money.

sprayCons of 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer.

  • Spray flow-rate is slow.

The 5L Pump Action Pressure Sprayer works perfectly and is worth the cost. This equipment will suit the garden needs of many users. However, when using an insecticide/chemical spray its recommended to wear protective clothing such as the hand gloves, face mask respirator and goggles.

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