Cheap Garden Benches

Garden Bench

Note – The term cheap garden benches might be a little misleading, maybe good value for money would be a better term as the Garden Benches below are excellent quality, long lasting benches at an affordable price.

cheap garden benchesCheap Garden Benches

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I would like to introduce you to the 2 & 3 seater Jubilee garden benches, crafted from Keruing wood (image right), which is from South East Asia. It is a large evergreen tree reaching 30-40 meters in height. Its a commercially grown tree and the wood is often used in ply. I understand this timber is FSC certified.

The benches are really nicely made out of solid pieces of wood. When the bench arrives it will be boxed and requires self-assembly – The build time of these benches is less than half an hour, requiring 12 screws and some nifty work with an Allen key. there are clear instructions in the box so please read them first (I know you won’t).  One tip when building the bench is too not over tighten any of the fixings until you have the completed the build, then go around and torque up until good and tight. This will reduce the risk of twisting and putting unwanted strain on the wood.

Show me the Benches

So, with no further delay, here are the garden benches (2 seater left, 3 seater right) :

cheap bench

Garden Bench

As you can see from the photos, the benches are made from solid wood, not thin match wood like many cheap garden benches. The finish is a stain with a satin finish which will need re-coating as the weather will affect the finish over time. To get a longer life out of these benches you should ideally store out of the weather when possible or provide a cover like these from Amazon: 2 seat cover | 3 seat cover .

The overall dimensions of the benches are as follows:

  • 2 seater – W: 1200mm | D: 640mm | H: 900mm | Leg size: 50mm Weight (approx.): 22.5kg
  • 3 seater – W: 1500mm | D: 640mm | H: 900mm | Leg size: 50mm  Weight (approx,) 25.5Kg

A Bench For Your Garden

So I hope I have convinced you that these are amazing value, well built benches and I am sure you agree you need one in your garden, in that sunny spot to enjoy the warm evening sun while sipping on a cold G&T… Maybe a bench on your patio area would be more befitting, eating sausages while the children play on the grass. Whatever your idea of perfect time in your garden, a classic bench is a must! Now will it be the two seater or three?

>>> Buy the 2 seater from Amazon

>>> Buy the 3 seater from Amazon

If you want real comfort why not splash out on some purpose designed comfortable cushions to really finish your bench off in true style. Here is the 2 seater & 3 seater I know I would splash out on these accessories.

If you are still unsure about these benches, please follow these links and see the fantastic reviews they get on Amazon – 2 Seater | 3 Seater. Both of the products are well recieved by the customers and the supplier gets a great review as well. Fast delivery and excellent customer service!

Thanks for reading the review of the wooden garden benches. If you think I have missed anything, or you have anything to help me improve this review, please take the time and comment below. It helps me provide better information.

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