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Garden KneelerDraper 64970 Folding Seat and Kneeler

If gardening is your hobby and you love spending hours working in your garden or backyard then you ought to get a garden kneeler seat. This is one of the essential but highly economic or affordable gardening accessories that everyone with a green thumb should own. Not only will this type of accessory allow one to kneel comfortably, it can also be used as a seat, one simply has to make some easy adjustments. For those who want extra comfort when kneeling down on this type of seat, it would be advisable to go for one with thick foam padding; this type of seat or kneeler is generally preferred by senior citizens.

Although there are plenty of folding seat models available out there in the market, one of the most popular models would be the Draper 64970 folding seat and kneeler. Manufactured by Draper Tools, a popular family-owned and managed the company in the UK, this one is definitely a reliable purchase because the company has been around for more than ninety years and it has managed to build up quite a good reputation for itself. Draper Tools is known for its innovative and high-quality products, those that offer the best value for money. So you can rest assured that you are investing in a high-quality product.

This kneeler comes with folding legs or handrails, which make it extremely easy and convenient to store away when not in use because the kneeler can fold down completely flat. The sturdy iron frame of the kneeler ensures that it is durable and withstands common wear and tear. In addition to planting and gardening, this kneeler can also be used for performing household tasks such as cleaning, painting, etc.

The plastic seat of the Draper 64970 folding seat and kneeler is very durable and well-suited for outdoor use as well as it is made from weather-proof plastic material. Just like any other Draper tools in the market, this one is backed by a guarantee too. Monitored by strict quality control engineers, the kneeler conforms to high-quality standards. In fact, this kneeler is highly recommended by various Home & Gardening magazines too.

Don’t be fooled by this relatively light kneeler because it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 19.5 stone or 125 kgs. Although capable of supporting a heavyweight, the construction of this kneeler is very light, thus even individuals who are quite frail can maneuver it and carry it around from one panel to another easily and without breaking a sweat. The hand-rests or arms situated on both sides of the kneeler provide the user with additional support, thus making it easy to get up or kneel down with ease.

The Draper 64970 folding seat and kneeler pad comes with two different sides: a foam-padded one and the plastic side without any padding. Needless to mention, the padded side is meant for use while kneeling down, while the sturdy plastic side serves as a good seat. Thus, investing your money in a versatile and lightweight product such as this would definitely prove to be a wise decision.

The task of buying a folding seat and kneeler is extremely easy to perform because of its straightforward nature. One simply needs to ensure that its frame is sturdy enough and that the seat or the kneeling board is of good quality. Moreover, a good unit will be able to fold up flat to enable easy storage and portability. An ergonomic model is recommended because this type of model relieves pressure from the key points on the body. Thus, when it comes to long hours of usage, it would be best to settle for an ergonomic model because, in the long run, this would prove to be more beneficial.

Investing in a good kneeler such as the Draper 64970, which also doubles up as a folding seat, is good because unlike cushions, this type of accessory or gardening tool does not damage the garden rows, plants, and foliage. Moreover, your back will thank you for investing in a tool like this which enables you to comfortably bend over a flower bed or a vegetable patch without causing tremendous pain in your shoulder or back area. Thus, the Draper 64970 folding seat and kneeler is recommended to all gardeners, be it beginners or professionals!

Draper Garden KneelerDraper 76763 Gardener’s Kneeler Seat

Many baby boomers like to spend their time with outdoor pleasant activities such as gardening, however, their knees are not so young anymore and bending for extended periods of time doesn’t come so easy like when they were just 18. Fortunately, there is a solution for this. The Draper Gardener’s Kneeler Seat 76763 was designed with this issue in mind. The seat makes it easier for anyone to bend down for prolonged periods of time, no matter your age.

This innovative kneeler seat is actually two things in one. If you need to kneel you can flip it around and kneel of the soft foam, but you can also use it as a seat to sit on and take care of things you need to do. When you need to get up from a kneeling position you can use the handles on either side for some extra help to boost your movement.

If you need to knee and fix stuff or for gardening, you definitely should consider this handy kneeler seat from Draper. It has a tough built that ensures durability, thanks to the frame made of impact resistant plastic. The 76763 Draper kneeler seat comes with lots of useful features such as the storage compartment under the seat for convenient placement of your hand tools. This compartment under the seat measures 300 mm x 140 mm x 45 mm. For extra comfort, the heavy duty garden kneeler seat comes with a rubber insert.

The foam kneeler provides maximum comfort when working. This is a multi-use product that makes the ideal choice for activities around the home and garden, including painting, planting, and many other many household tasks. You can use the strength of your arms to lower yourself for planting or weeding and push yourself upright again without straining your back or knees. The Draper 76763 kneeler seat can withstand a maximum carrying weight of 14 stone, the equivalent of 90kg.

Here is a list of the main features of the Draper 76763 Kneeler Seat:

  • Made from tough impact-resistant plastic
  • Foam Kneeler
  • Rubber Insert on Seat
  • During tending and planting the cushioned surface is easy on the knees
  • The kneeler flips to become a padded bench
  • Tool Storage Compartment
  • You can use your arm strength to raise and lower yourself, which helps preventing back strain
  • 14 Stone (90 kg) capacity
  • Comes in a choice of colours

For more stability, If you intend to use the Draper Gardener Kneeler seat for sitting in the garden, you must wriggle it right down into the soil or place it on a level surface. Because the Draper seat is built from a light plastic material, if positioned incorrectly it could tip over. Some other models of garden kneeler seats can fold-up, but Draper 76763 doesn’t. You can just store in the garden shed or in the corner of the greenhouse.

The Draper kneeler seat is suitable for any user that is weighing up to fourteen stones. Draper 76763 is a very handy and versatile tool. Many people feel safer kneeling than sitting when working on the gardening tasks. Keeling on the Draper seat’s thick layer of soft foam will provide an excellent protection to your kneecaps. Even if the manufacturer refers to this piece of equipment as a gardener’s kneeling seat, you will find it useful for all kinds of things. For instance, you can fill the compartment under the seat with decorator’s tools or cleaning products. Your children could even use the Draper seat for play purposes.

Gardener’s kneeling seats don’t have to look stylish. Their main purpose is to offer protection and comfort to weary knees. Especially during hot weather, weeding the garden can be a pretty tedious job. Using this comfy gardener’s kneeler seat will definitely make your job much easier. In effect, you have a multi-purpose tool that can be used for sitting or kneeling to do all kind of gardening chores. Its wide plastic legs will not sink into the ground.

You can wash the seat easily if by any chance it gets muddy. If you accidentally forget the stool outside, your tools stored in the under seat compartment will remain dry. The gardener’s kneeler seat is made of lightweight plastic material and it is very easy to carry around.

The Draper 76763 kneeler sear comes at a very affordable price. You can order it directly from Amazon, for maximum convenience.

kneelerReview Of The Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Kneeling Pad Gardening 199N 

Many people love gardening and they really take care of their lawn or backyard garden properly. A dedicated gardener always makes sure to water the plants daily or even to cut the excess grasses and all. Are you too one of those dedicated gardeners? It is great! But have you ever realized that while gardening you have to kneel down and sit. It often makes your knees dirty and even painful. But with the help of Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Kneeling Pad Gardening 199N you can solve this problem easily.

What Is This Kneeling Pad?

During gardening, getting up and getting down a number of times can be really straining for your knees. But with the help of this Kneeler Seat which is made up of a fully comfortable and soft pad where you keep your knees while kneeling down. It is designed in such a way that it will not strain your knees at all. The seat is a bit raised from the ground which is really needed. So, now you do not have to sit fully and get up again. It will not affect or strain your back too along with the knees.

Benefits Of The Kneeler Seat

There are a lot of benefits of the Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Kneeling Pad Gardening 199N. That is why many people out there are opting for this gardening kneeler seat. Some of the great benefits of this seat are –

– Many people are getting back pin and knee problems because of gardening. The design of this seat is made in such a way that it will not strain your knees or back at all. You will be able to kneel down comfortably and do the gardening without straining your back and knees at all.

– This seat is not only helpful for gardening but it is, no doubt, superb for other Do it yourself jobs where you have to kneel down or sit on the floor and do the job. This is the best way to do as it will not affect you badly. Often due to kneeling down for a long time on the ground, one gets pain in the knees.

– Even you will be able to fold up this kneeler seat and store it somewhere in your house easily. It will not take a lot of space and you can keep it at any corner of the house. Once you fold, it will turn into a flat thing for a easy storage. Even you can keep this in your garden shades.

What Is It Made Up Of?

The Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Kneeling Pad Gardening 199N has two handles made up of robust steel on both the side of the padded seat. The padded seat is designed in such a way that it is bit raised above from the level of the ground. The padded seat is made up of polypropylene foam which has a clever soft technology. All these make the kneeler seat a super comfortable and easy to use one. You could really feel the difference, once you use it. This is an incredibly unique technology and design which is made for the better safety of the people interested in gardening and to make their job a lot easier.


– Easy to use and carry as it is light in weight.

– Easy to store anywhere as it can be folded up to a flat object.

– Raised up design has made it easier for the people to sit and get up easily without straining their knees and back

– The soft and comfortable padded seat provides utmost comfort to the knees of the people while they are knelt down.

– It is inexpensive and is easily affordable by the people.


Have you often felt the need of this superb technology while you are gardening? It is, undoubtedly, very much straining to sit for hours on the knees and also to get up frequently. When you are doing some DIY jobs or gardening, you will feel the need of this Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Kneeling Pad Gardening 199N a lot. So, if you are into any of these, be it for a professional reason or just hobby, then you must buy this kneeler seat with kneeling pad. This is amazing and does its job wonderfully!

Kneeler SeatGreen Blade BB-KP105 Garden Kneeler and Seat

Gardening can be a hassle on anyone, what with the constant need to bend down and get in an uncomfortable position. Fortunately, a garden kneeler may be used as a means of keeping the fatigue from gardening from being worse. One such kneeler to take a look at is the Green Blade BB-KP105 Garden Kneeler and Seat.

The Green Blade Kneeler and Seat is a product from Hamble, a popular name in the world of gardening. Hamble focuses much of its work on the creation of fine tools, netting and edging materials and small human-powered devices. The company makes these products to encourage people to do their best when working hard in the garden.

A Useful Design

The design of the Green Blade kneeler and seat is a big part of what makes it popular. This steel kneeler features a series of tubes designed around a kneeling platform. The platform itself is stationary and will not break down while in use.

The kneeler can be quickly flipped over to create a seat. The seat is a few feet high and is easy to get on when you are trying to take a rest. Meanwhile, you can reverse it to create a kneeling surface. The sides are consistent in that they both contain the same metal surfaces that will stay intact while on the ground and will not be at risk of slipping off or wearing out while you are busy gardening with it.

The sides also have handles that are properly curved. They are easy to grip onto as you use them and will not be any harder to work with than necessary.

Plenty Of Support

This is a kneeler that weighs about 3 kg but it has a weight limit of 100 kg. This is paired with a safe and comfortable surface that will stay intact and will not suffer from extreme fatigue as a good amount of weight is added onto it. When used right, it will establish a good amount of support for anyone. It will not be at risk of shaking or suffering from any more fatigue than what is necessary.

How the Seat Feels

The seat and kneeler has a surface that is firm but not irritating to the body. It is firm enough to where it will not break down easily but also comfortable to the point where you can quickly keep your knees from wearing out. This is much more useful than if you were to try and garden on your own.

You can also find that there’s plenty of open space on the seat when you are sitting down on it. The great part of the seat is that you could practically store your beverage right next to you on the seat while you are on it. This means that there is more than enough space for you to use this product while keeping it from being harder to work with than necessary.

It Folds Well

This is a very compact and use to use seat and kneeler. You can fold it down and inward when you’re not using it. The latches on the side can be quickly unlocked and moved inward so you can lock up the unit. It will not be at risk of slipping out or breaking apart while in use either. This will provide you with an easy way to store the product when you are not using it.

A Good Value

One impressive part of this product is that it is not all that expensive. The Green Blade BB-KP105 Garden Kneeler and Seat can be found for less than £20 in most places. You may be able to find it for less than £15 depending on where you go to buy this quality product.


Overall, the Green Blade BB-KP105 Garden Kneeler and Seat is a useful product that can be effective for anyone who is trying to take care of different gardening tasks and wants to have a comfortable space to kneel on. When used right, this kneeler and seat can create a comfortable and enjoyable surface that anyone can enjoy using. This can really work wonders for all those who are trying to find ways to keep themselves comfortable without being irritated while kneeling or sitting when in the garden.

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