La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl

La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl

La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl

From being the primary form of cooking thousands of years ago, cooking food over fire has become a backyard and camping tradition today. With each house having its own barbecue grill, weekends with friends and families are always exciting. The types of barbecue grills have changed with time, and while modern electric grills come with ease of use, nothing beats the flavor and smoke of the old Firebowl barbeque grill.

La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl

Among the most popular Firebowl barbeque grills available in the market today, is the La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl. Regarded among the most versatile portable barbecue grill sets, this camping Firebowl will be the ideal addition to any beach party or a camping trip in the woods. Built out of quality materials that will last for ages, this is the ideal companion for any BBQ lover who likes to take their equipment with them on any occasion.

La Hacienda 58106 Useful Features

For any occasion where you need a fire to keep you, your friends and family warm, just light up the La Hacienda Firebowl with some wood and chimenea logs to keep everyone warm and happy. With the added equipment such as the BBQ grill and lid, turn the fire pit into an ultimate barbecue experience. Ideally constructed to stand above ground with special legs, the La Hacienda 58106 will be a wonderful addition to your weekend picnic and trip to the beach.

Wide Surface Fire Pit

The fire pit of the La Hacienda 58106 has been constructed out of top quality steel to make sure that one set of this BBQ grill lasts for years to come. The entire firebowl has been given a coat of black paint finish which not only looks incredible, but is also heat resistant. You won’t have to worry about burning your hand when you accidentally touch the bottom surface of the La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl. Although the material used in the construction of this fire pit is industrial grade, it is surprisingly light weight, which makes it easy to carry it around.

Versatile Folding Legs

For every barbecue grill to work ideally, it is important that the base is sturdy. To make sure that the La Hacienda 58106 does not wobble while being used, the fire pit has been reinforced with 4 specially design legs. These supportive legs have been constructed out of the same top grade materials used to make the firebowl, and the same black heat resistant coating to give it a wonderful finish. What makes the supportive legs of the La Hacienda ideal is the fact that they can be folded with ease, which saves a lot of space. Moreover, the folding legs have been designed in line with the curve of the firebowl, so the entire unit fits perfectly into the carry case provided with the La Hacienda.

BBQ GrillQuality BBQ Grill Components

In order to turn the warm firebowl into a traditional wood barbeque grill, the La Hacienda 58106 has been equipped with several components to make sure that you have a wonderful experience every time. The grill fits perfectly over the firebowl, and has been given a beautiful chrome finish to make sure none of the residue sticks to it while you grill the vegetables and meat on it. A special metal tool has been provided to ensure that the heated coal cooks the food on the grill evenly and the ashes can be raked to the sides.

A log grate has also been provided, which makes such that the heated logs stay in place at the center of the barbecue grill. The main component provided is the lightweight lid constructed out of solid iron, finished with a black coating as well. This lid not only keeps the cooking food away from surrounding insects in the open, but also makes sure that the sparks from the coal are contained within the enclosure of the La Hacienda 58106 Firebowl.

Last Words on the La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl

Whether you are looking for a barbecue grill that brings back the traditional style of cooking food over a fire, or need a portable fire pit that doubles as an ideal BBQ grill, the Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl is sure to please you.

Each of the components of this firebowl grill depicts quality and durability. The ideal size of fire pit which is 56cm wide, is just ideal for a barbecue feast on the beach or in the woods while camping. The added accessories such as the raking tool, the mesh lid and the quality chrome finish add to the whole BBQ experience.

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