The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder from Garden Trading – Indoor or Outdoor Shelving

Garden Trading Aldsworth Shelf Ladder

Add rustic charm to your home with the Aldsworth shelf ladder from Garden Trading!
Always wanted a storage shelf for your home? Well, this is your chance to acquire one…and a marvelous one at that! The Aldsworth shelf-ladder. A great design masterpiece from Garden Trading that is based on their popular oak bookshelf. With a rustic feel, its natural wood should be perfect for any natural or nautical themed interior. What’s more, you can use this garden furniture both indoors and out.

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The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder
Materials: Raw Oak.

The Shelf Ladder just like the rest of Garden Trading’s raw-oak range is made of kiln-dried raw oak, which is responsibly sourced from fully sustainable forests.

Please note that due to the fact that the shelf ladders are made from raw oak, they may have the odd naturally occurring knot.

Garden Trading Aldsworth Shelf Ladder· Dimensions-available in 2 sizes;



Width 48 cm

Depth 35 cm

Height 180 cm


Width 96 cm

Depth 35 cm

Height 180 cm

· Boxed-product Weight: 16 Kg

· Shelves- 6 shelves.

The Aldsworth Shelf-Ladder comes with a shelf for everything – from your precious objects to your family photos, from books to DVDs, from the useful office files to the inevitable less-useful boxes of ‘stuff’. Its timeless Shaker-style design means that it should look great for both modern and more traditional settings.

· Color and texture

Due to the fact that this is a natural product and all the free-standing shelf ladders are individually made, there may be slight variations in grain, color and texture between different units, but this is all part of the beautiful charm that this piece of furniture has to offer.

Need some extra space for your picture frames, knickknacks or supplies? The Aldsworth Shelf-Ladder is a cheap and attractive way of adding extra shelf space along the thin section of your wall. Its shelving is smaller at the top though it widens on every level. This attractive piece of furniture comes in black, white and wood-tone colors to fit into your modern decor.

Garden Trading Aldsworth Shelf Ladder for Gardens

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Whether you have a contemporary or traditional home, the Aldsworth Shelf-Ladder is sure to make one hell of a style statement! With shelves made of varying depths, the Aldsworth Shelf-Ladder is exceptionally versatile, which makes it perfect for use as plant display, as a rustic bookcase or for showcasing your ‘objets d’art’. Due to the fact that it is crafted purely from raw Oak, it also does look marvelous indoors with its wide range of interior styles. Its natural charm, therefore, would find solace in almost any room in your house. And why not use this designer piece to create a potted-herb garden outside or in the conservatory? Reinvent your traditional storage spaces with endless looks inspired by this upcycled chic shelf ladder!

Plant LadderSummary of uses;

The rustic wooden Aldsworth Shelf-Ladder is suitable for use whether in the home or the garden;

1. Use it in the potting shed to hold your garden plants and gardening tools.

2. Use it in your crafting area to hold jars or other material.

3. Use it indoors as a bookshelf.

4. It will work for you as a CD storage rack.

5. It makes a great addition to your bathroom if what you desire is stylish towel storage.


With its clean lines and simple shape that is modeled upon the traditional step-ladder, this individual wooden shelving unit should add a little bit of style to almost any room, be it your living room, study room or bathroom.

Usage and maintenance details for The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder

· The wooden shelves pivot easily on a screw, this means that its shelves are capable of folding flat for shipping or another form of transportation.

· To prolong its life, the Garden Trading recommend that you apply Hard Wax Oil once initially and thereafter annually.

Price and availability details

Available at around £130 for the narrower (48cm) version and $200 for the wider version, it is set be released on September 1, 2015.


· None really, Oak will last for ages and ages!

FINAL OPINION – The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder

Made with close attention to preserve Garden Trading’ culture of designing and producing every day functional accessories for your home and garden without compromising style, Aldsworth is sure to look great and add a natural yet modern finish to your home. However you decide to use the Garden Trading Aldsworth Shelf Ladder, it is sure to provide a quirky yet practical solution to all your shelving and storage needs. All this drives to one point- that it is not only a wise buy, it is a must-buy.

It is sure to stand the test of time, and will earn you several compliments from your friends too!

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